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Using The Help Wiki

Commands are largely the same as forum commands, ie. [b]bold[/b] for bold.
To link to another help page, simply use two ['s, then the page title, ie. [[help]] becomes help.
To have different text in the link, add the title, then add a pipe |, then add the text you want, ie. [[help|the main help page]] becomes the main help page.

To create a new page, search for it, and, if nothing appropriate is returned, click on 'create this page'.

To link to a help page from the forum, just add the [[page title]] as you normally would.

If you want to place [something in square brackets] onto the help wiki without it linking anywhere, use two {curly brackets} (click edit on this page to make things clearer).

Please try and use good English (including real words (none of this c u l8er crap)) and punctuation when updating the Wiki.

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