Space Cows From Outer Space!
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This all seems familiar...
Does it? That's interesting.

Seriously, though. It's Advance Wars, isn't it?
It's certainly inspired by it, yes.

Where is feature x?
This is a very early version of the game. More features and units will be added once the core of it is refined and working properly.

What guys are my guys?
You are the red team.

What the Hell are Space Cows?
Space Cows was a phrase coined by (I think) my chum NervousPete. They popped up on Firefly, in the episodes Shindig and Safe. We figured that if the cows Harrow paid Mal to ship to Persephone were worth the trouble of transporting through space they must be very valuable indeed. So they must be Space Cows, the most valuable thing in the universe.

Why are they so valuable?
It's the milk. Drink a pint of it and you'll stop aging for a year.

Why can't I play on the map I made?
It has to be aprroved by a moderator first. Post in this thread in the Mess Room.

Who made all this?
Well, I did. I'm Matt Squirrell, and I've fiddled with web stuff for a few years now. This is a little side project to distract me from my main one which I've hit a bit of "coder's block" with. Some of the pictures came other places on the Internet, and the unit and building design was by the rather talanted Darren Woodcock.

My name is Holly Willoughby and I think PHP/Javascript geeks are SUPAHOT. Fancy a drink?
Can you bring Fern?